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Appetizer Recipes

Every Christmas Eve my family loves to make and share appetizers for the whole family. It's a great way to serve a lighter meal before the big Christmas dinner the next day. Whether it's the night before Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Easter, perhaps you and your family might want to join our family tradition of "Appetizer Eve!"

Filbrun Family's Simple Roast Recipe for Pastured Turkey

Roasting a pastured-turkey that's been raised with organic farming practices in the fresh air and free from preservatives may seem intimidating but actually it's way simpler than you think. Read below to see our family's recipe... this simple but delicious recipe lets the taste of the turkey take centerstage.

3 Easy Steps to Add Credit to your Account with Referrals

It's super easy to get credit by referring a friend or family member to The Maker's Meadow. When they place their first order, you get credit and they enjoy a nice discount. But you must use your Referral Link to track that the referral came from you and then YOU get the credit YOU deserve! Learn how in 3 Easy Steps!

Downright Delicious Turkey Wing Recipes!

Turkey Wings are one of the most versatile meats to cook! You want simple? Turkey Wings to the rescue! You want gourmet? Turkey Wings will deliver! Try these winning recipes with our tender, meadow-raised wings that will make your tastebuds soar!

Meet Mushroom Farmer - Emma Jackson of Forage and Cultivate

In our Customer Spotlight, we are featuring a very special type of entrepreneur... one who just like us on the farm, would rather spend her days outside. Emma Jackson took her passion of hunting and foraging for wild mushrooms and edible flowers and has turned it all into a very unique and health-promoting business called "Forage and Cultivate." Now, she is growing, harvesting and selling her cache of exotic, native mushrooms and edible flowers to local restaurants in Indianapolis. Join us as we meet up with Mushroom Farmer Emma Jackson!

Meet Jay - My Youngest Brother!

Today I begin a series called "Introductions to the Filbrun Family" where I hope to conduct short personal interviews with each of my family members (not sure if everyone will cooperate :) you can get to know the inner workings and people that make up The Maker's Meadow. Meet Jay - my fun-loving, hard-working helper!

A behind-the-scenes look from our farm's Customer Spotlight Writer!

What's it like to go from primarily eating store-bought organic meats to eating locally-raised grassfed meats!? Lots of good things! And what's it like to work behind the scenes for The Maker's Meadow? Lots of good things as well! Join Customer Spotlight Writer Jana Gruber as she shares her experience as a customer and worker at The Maker's Meadow and how she and her family have become better cooks as well!

Adorable Farm Photos - June 2022

We love this time of year as the frisky little lambs (and sleepy lambs too) are prevalent in the meadows enjoying their time in the pasture with their moms and learning what it means to live in the herd. Our cows and farm cats also like to come along and get their selfies taken too! Always so photogenic! We thought you might enjoy a snapshot of some farm photos captured this month (June 2022). The flowers in the field are making their showy presence too! Hope you enjoy and be sure to add your comments below as to which photos are your favorites!! Special thanks to Anna Filbrun for capturing these scenic farm photos!