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Corn and Soy-free Pastured Pork Farmers Tom & Ben

Happy New year Dear Friend!Today I have some news to share!First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU to YOU for all of your great support of our farm within the growing regenerative farm community. over the past year!!!In 2022 we served 9,600 lbs of grass-fed meat products to over 100 customers!In 2023 we served 15,600 lbs of grass-fed meat products to over 200 customers!​​​​​​As the demand for grass-fed regeneratively raised meat products is growing, I'm connecting more with my small local farm friends to get Nutrient rich Beef, Pork, and Chicken that you want and need to stay healthy. Click here to order Clean & Delicious Pork! Here are two new farmers that I'm working with. Tom Cail is from New Paris, OH.Tom is one of our new Corn and Soy-free Pastured Pork Famers, since Roger and Marcy have decided just to raise them for their family for now. Tom's pigs eating alfalfa and enjoying life! Ben and Erica Wagner and their three boys are from New Paris, OH.Ben and his family are also raising some Corn and Soy-free Pastured Pork for us. As you can see, the boys and the pigs have happy lives! When animals are raised the way God intended, they are full of the nutrients that you need to be healthy. True Pasture-raised pork can contain up to twice the amount of vitamin E and three times the amount of Vitamin D contained in confined pigs. These vitamins are essential to heart, skin, hormonal, and brain health, as well as immune function and inflammation control.  Omega-3 fatty acids - Pasture-raised pork has a better ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids than pork raised in an intensive free range environment.Selenium - Pasture-raised pigs have 74% more selenium than pigs raised on factory farms. Selenium needs vitamin E to work as an antioxidant.Pasture-raised pork is also rich in protein and a range of minerals and vitamins. Pork is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, selenium, and zinc. Pastured Pork Fat (Lard) is the second highest natural source of vitamin D next to cod liver oil. Making lard a small part of your daily diet is a natural way to get all the benefits of this essential vitamin. I love to use it when frying eggs or potatoes. It is some of the nicest frying oil I've ever used. Plus, it's very delicious!  Order Soyfree finished Pork Lard Click Here.

🦃🦃Baby Turkeys Have Arrived!🦃🦃

It's a very hot and sweaty job because the little turkeys need to be between 95 and a 100° for the first week. You'll get to see their low soy organic feed and the propane heater set up inside the large Plportable pasture pen. All the work and sweat are totally worth it because we want you to have an amazing Thanksgiving turkey.

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom Rebecca has been a huge blessing in my life. She has walked alongside me offering encouragement and inspiration throughout the process and challenges of my learning how to raise healthy, clean meats for you! I wouldn’t be here as the farmer I am today without her!

Appetizer Recipes

Every Christmas Eve my family loves to make and share appetizers for the whole family. It's a great way to serve a lighter meal before the big Christmas dinner the next day. Whether it's the night before Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Easter, perhaps you and your family might want to join our family tradition of "Appetizer Eve!"

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