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Meet Scott Krisher: An Adventurous Home Cook

Lewisburg resident Scott Krisher is dedicated to cooking flavorful meals for his family. He's known to go the extra mile just to get the best tasting turkey for Thanksgiving or the best Philly Cheesesteak by using the most expensive cut of meat. Learn how The Maker's Meadow has changed Scott's appreciation for good healthy meats and even changed his tastebuds!

Rebecca Filbrun’s Meat Bone Broth Recipe

Today I have included my mom’s recipe on how to make the best-tasting meat bone broth! You will love this recipe and can use it for all types of meat bone broths. This recipe can be substituted with beef soup bones, lamb bones, or chicken backs.

Benefits of Year-Round Grazing

As we’ve grown in our knowledge and experience of grassfed farming, we’ve learned more about year-round grazing and how much better it is for our environment. Let me explain.