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Appetizer Recipes

Every Christmas Eve my family loves to make and share appetizers for the whole family. It's a great way to serve a lighter meal before the big Christmas dinner the next day. Whether it's the night before Christmas, Thanksgiving or even Easter, perhaps you and your family might want to join our family tradition of "Appetizer Eve!"

3 Easy Steps to Add Credit to your Account with Referrals

It's super easy to get credit by referring a friend or family member to The Maker's Meadow. When they place their first order, you get credit and they enjoy a nice discount. But you must use your Referral Link to track that the referral came from you and then YOU get the credit YOU deserve! Learn how in 3 Easy Steps!

Downright Delicious Turkey Wing Recipes!

Turkey Wings are one of the most versatile meats to cook! You want simple? Turkey Wings to the rescue! You want gourmet? Turkey Wings will deliver! Try these winning recipes with our tender, meadow-raised wings that will make your tastebuds soar!

Meet Jay - My Youngest Brother!

Today I begin a series called "Introductions to the Filbrun Family" where I hope to conduct short personal interviews with each of my family members (not sure if everyone will cooperate :) you can get to know the inner workings and people that make up The Maker's Meadow. Meet Jay - my fun-loving, hard-working helper!

The Rainwater Simulator Test

The vitality and health of the soil actually transfers over to our grassfed and pasture-raised animals who feed and spend their entire lives on our regenerative land. When the land is healthy and vibrant, so too are our animals. Take a look at the video to witness for yourself how regenerative soil responds to rainwater. This video may change the way you look at farmland from here on out!

Rebecca Filbrun’s Meat Bone Broth Recipe

Today I have included my mom’s recipe on how to make the best-tasting meat bone broth! You will love this recipe and can use it for all types of meat bone broths. This recipe can be substituted with beef soup bones, lamb bones, or chicken backs.