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Healthy Food and Healthy Friendships

Sometimes it's hard to eat the way we want to when we are with our friends that have have different eating habits than we do. In this blog I talk a about how much more nutrient dense grass-fed meat is. I also share a video that goes into a lot more detail about the benefits of grass-fed meat.

How Your Choices Are Making a Difference!

When you and your friends buy food from Farmers that take care of the land you are making a difference, not only in your own health but also the health of the environment like keeping the farm ground from eroding into the Gulf of Mexico.

What do Grassfed Cattle & Sheep Eat During Winter?

This is a question that our customers and those seeking to find a source for 100% Grassfed and Grass-finished beef have asked us. So, I thought I'd take a few minutes to answer that question for how we keep our cattle and sheep happy and fed when it's the coldest outside. Watch this short video: