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2023 Pork Harvest Collection

Little Pig Pork Sampler (Soy-Free Finished)

12 lb Bundle of delicious meal portions!
$4.00 savings
$291.00 $287.00

Medium Pig Pork Bundle (Soy-Free Finished)

16 lb Delicious variety bundle!
$2.00 savings
$400.00 $398.00

Half Hog Pork Bundle (Soy-Free Finished)

43 lb Delicious variety bundle!
$50.00 savings
$885.00 $835.00
What kind of pork is this? Let me tell you!! The pigs are started by Little John near Richmond Indiana and fed GMO FREE corn, soy, and minerals. Roger and Marcy (our neighbors) get them at 5 to 8 weeks old and finish them out on pasture supplemented with organic corn, oats, and minerals. This is the cleanest local pork we have been able to find for you! This pork is free of Antibiotics, Hormones and Steroids. It is freezer-ready meat delivered fresh from the pasture to your front door!
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