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Soy-Free All of our Lamb and Beef is SOY FREE. They are raised on open green pastures in the summer and in the winter they are on the same pastures eating dried grasses and hay. They enjoy the sunshine and Fresh air, living low stress lives. The seafood and fish are naturally soy-free because they have a natural diet of wild food from the oceans, rivers and lakes.

Lamb Loin Chops

2 Chops 3 oz ea.

Lamb Rib Chops

2 Chops per package

Leg of Lamb

2.5-3.5 lb Bone-In Roast

Lamb Spare Ribs

Small Rib Slabs 10 oz. avg. / pkg

Lamb Shank

1 Shank / Package 12 oz avg.

Ground Lamb Fat

2.5 lb avg. / pkg

Save $15.00

Sheep / Lamb Heart

4 oz. avg. / pkg

Sheep/Lamb Kidney

4 oz avg. / pkg. apx. 2 pieces

Rack of Lamb Rib Roast

1 lb avg. / pkg

Save $29.69

Small Lamb Sausages Links

12 oz. avg. / pkg

Small Leg of Lamb

1.65 lb avg. / pkg


10 packs of Ground Lamb

10 - 12 oz. avg. / pkg

Save $20.00

Sheep/Lamb Fat Pieces

2 lb avg. / pkg