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Never Fed Drugs Or Antibiotics

Never Fed Drugs Or Antibiotics No Animal is ever given any Drugs Or Antibiotics. If an animal is struggling and needs extra care it is given minerals and herbs to help it recover.

Back To Basics 1/8th Beef 35 Lbs

Premium Steaks, Patties and more...140 4oz Portions

Save $95.00
In stock
Save $2.00
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Beef Soup Bones

1.80 lb avg. / pkg

Lamb Broth Bones

1.9 lb avg. / pkg

Save $16.00
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Chicken Feet for Broth

14 oz avg. / pkg

Beef Ox Tail

1.95 lb avg. / pkg


3 PK Beef Broth Bones

3 packages 2-3 lb each

Save $4.50
In stock
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